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Community Rules

01. This is a fanfiction community for Korean dramas, movies, and variety shows. Do not post unrelated fanfiction or other fanworks.

02. Follow the posting guidelines!

03. Play nice. Do not attack other members of the community. Know the difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Do not bash characters/actors/entertainers or dramas/movies/varieties.

04. Spoiler warning. If you are posting fanfic for a currently airing drama or variety show ensure than your header does not include spoilers for the last three aired episodes. If you are posting fanfic for a recently released movie do not include spoilers in your header until a month after release.

05. Your mods are rewindnext and potaoto. That's not a rule, but it's good to know!

Violating the rules and/or posting guidelines may result in a deleted comment or post, a warning, a temp-ban, or a ban. Three warnings will result in at least a temp-ban.

Deliberately offensive or inflammatory posts/comments will be frozen or deleted, and appropriate actions will be taken.

These rules are subject to change. If you are unsure about any of these rules or find them to be unfair, please leave a comment and a moderator will get back to you.</cut>
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