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Posting Guidelines

01. No linking to locked journals or communities.

02. One post per member per day is permitted. If you have more than one fanfic to share, please combine them into one post.

03. Everything except the header must be under a LJ-Cut. In particular, no graphics may be outside of a LJ-Cut.

Example: Music When the Light Go Out (Shut Up Flower Boy Band; Byunghee/Hyunsoo; NC-17)

Title: The title of your fanfic. If your fanfic has no title, please use 'Untitled'.

See below for descriptions of Fandom, Ship/Character/Gen, and Rating.

Do not modify the colour, size, or type of your font.

All posts must include a header and either the fanfic under an LJ-Cut or a link to the fanfic. Please read the following for more information:

Fandom: The name of the drama/movie/variety that your fanfic is about.

Ship/Pairing/Character: The main relationship(s) and/or character(s) in your fanfic. If the main relationship is Jaeshin/Yongha, do not also list Jaeshin and Yongha as the main characters. If your fanfic does not focus a relationship or a character please use 'Gen'. This section of the header in not mandatory.

Rating: The rating of your fanfic. Either G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. See below for more details.

Warning(s): State any potentially triggering content in your fanfic. For information on warnings and triggers, as well as examples of common triggers to warn for and methods of presentation, please go HERE. (This is not the place to 'warn' for unbeta'd or short/long, etc., fanfic. Please include this kind of information in your summary or A/N.) If your fanfic has no warnings simply put 'None'.

Summary: A short description of your fanfic. This is also the place to put genres and word-count. This section of the header in not mandatory.

A/N: A/N stands for Author's Note. This is for anything you want to say that doesn't fit into the above categories! Please either keep your A/N short or put it under a LJ-Cut. This section of the header in not mandatory.

Examples: 01, 02, 03, 04.

HTML (with fanfic under cut):

HTML (with link to fanfic):

Do not use any ratings other than those listed here. These rating are based on the Motion Picture Association of America rating system. A detailed introduction to what the ratings mean can be found here. Please try to be accurate when rating your fanfic.

-rating: g/pg → All Ages & Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children.
-rating: pg-13 → Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13.
-rating: r → Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 17.
-rating: nc-17 → Material Is Inappropriate For Children Under 17. An NC-17 rating can be based on violence, sex, aberrational behavior, drug abuse, and more.

When posting please always tag the show and the rating. There are currently no pairing tags. All tags are in lowercase. A comprehensive list of tags can be found here. If a tag you need is missing from that list please contact a mod to request it.

There are three main tag groups, drama, movie, and variety. Tags are formatted TYPE: TITLE. For example, if you are posting Running Man fanfiction the correct tag is variety: running man.

If you are posting a crossover use the #crossover tag and the correct show tag(s). For example if you are posting a Special Affairs Team TEN/Crime Squad crossover the correct tags are #crossover, drama: special affairs team ten, and drama: crime squad.

Rating tags are -rating: g/pg, -rating: pg-13, -rating: r, -rating: nc-17. Ratings are explained above.

See the Community Rules for information on what happens if you violate the posting guidelines. If you are unsure about any of the guidelines, please leave a comment in the Community Rules post and a moderator will get back to you.
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